Unlike precious metals, diamonds are found in very few places in the world, and only finite resources are available, as is the case with crude oil and natural gas.

The Moto & Co Holdings is structure as a mutual fund that allow private investors an opportunity to invest in this protected market.  As only a few licensed international diamond dealers are accessible, the Diamond and natural resources Fund allows for the smaller investors to benefit from the funds ability to obtain tax efficient and steady long term growth.



Our long term objective is to establish a flexible, dynamic fund for experienced investors aiming to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to the exciting alternative investment in diamonds and the natural resources sector.

The fund will invest mainly in the trade of diamonds sourced from our mines and precious metals and may invest in other natural resources companies and commodities purely for the sake of mitigating the risks to clients by providing a spread.

In time it will be able to raise further finance by hedging against its income stream and not the client invested assets therefore reducing client risk and increasing the attraction for further investments.