Welcome to Moto & Co Holdings

Moto & Co Holdings ltd invests in mining and precious mineral resources of the fast development of the African continent and strives to meet the rising global demand of these commodities in an ethical way. With our main assets being mining and precious mineral resources, Moto & Co Holdings ltd has these key provinces across six countries in Africa which are Uganda, Ghana, the DRC, Angola, South Africa and Guinea Conakry. Moto & Co Holdings ltd prides itself in delivering the best value for their customers and strives for the betterment of Africa.

Moto & Co Holdings ltd also specialises in a variety of trading operations such as sales of goods and services, and a wide number of International Operations, which include; Precious minerals and Services. The institution acts as a direct representative through an official mandate for all Commodities, Goods and Services.

With our headquarters based in the financial capital of Kampala, Moto & Co Holdings ltd follows all the principles of corporate social responsibility as a transnational cooperation operating in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Moto & Co Holdings ltd truly embraces the productivity of its surrounding commercial infrastructure to reflect the needs of its much valued clients.

Who we are.

Is to grow a portfolio of high growth quality business assets in Africa that will aid in the development of community by increasing opportunities both local and international.
Using our privileged family relationships and unprecedented detailed local mining knowledge of Uganda, Guinea Conakry, Congo South Africa and Angola gained over 40 years of real mineral exploration and commodities trading in Africa.
To commit to deliver a superior customer offering through world class contacts and best practice processes.
We focus on agreed client objectives by capitalising on our global network of investors and consultants and by complementing our clients existing management capabilities.

Our skills

Analytical Skill 90
Focus 95
Control 85
Research 75

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ir. Cyril R. Mambote
Dr. Ir. Cyril R. Mambote Consulting in Hydrometallurgy and Environmental Engineering
Luigi Moto
Luigi MotoSenior Manager
Anthony Mensah LLB
Anthony Mensah LLBLegal adviser
Tony Tagoe
Tony Tagoe Business Development
Theophile Williams M’bundani-ky
Theophile Williams M’bundani-ky Senior Consultant
C. Mayata
C. MayataCompany secretary